First blog post

So today with all the rain that we have had, while we were out dog walking in Colwick, Nottingham on the racecourse we found the best puddles caused by flooding. Jake and Ice thought they were the best thing ever. So much fun was had by the dogs. A great bit of Canine Enrichment. We also me another dog walker with a couple of dogs who watched on from the side lines as they were not the biggest fans of the water. What a great day we all had. Hopefully this made two happy and tired dogs.


Zippidy DoDah

Well it’s been a few busy busy months here at Woof and Tumbles. We have so much to share with you so watch this space for a look at some of our dogs group play sessions. We have been exploring some new places for walks, play and fun and to meet lots of new dogs while we are out and about.

We love it when we meet other dog walkers as we meet new dogs to play with.

This was a new walk for some of the dogs…thirsty work walking up that steep hill!

Hope you’ve all been keeping well x

Kitty cat week was all about the whiskers

Well what a busy cat visit week. I think it’s so great that people are able to start getting away which means that we at Woof and Tumbles can start doing more pet visits again to make sure that all of your furry friends are well looked after.

We had lots of cuddles and fun in the sun. There is nothing like a snuggle with a cat to calm us all down after busy days walking.

Ready for walkies?

Well I think those eyes say it all. Bella is definitely ready to go on her walks with Woof and Tumbles. She looks rather proud upfront in the van while the other woofers are sitting snug in their cages.

I feel the love as a dog walker when I have eyes like that looking at me. Can’t wait for this dog walk with the gang.

Pawsome walks

So it’s been a few weeks since I managed to write a post. Sometimes life just takes over. I wanted to introduce just some of the rescue dogs that we have started walking. There are 9 yes 9! Their owner is amazing and each and everyone one of these dogs didn’t have the best start in life but wow now they are living their dreams. We have taken our time over the last few month getting to know these guys and now we have been completely accepted we are able to take them on walks with lots of fuss and cuddles. We love walking these guys young and old.

River walk for the ‘Disney characters’

It was so good to have Simba and Ariel back for their walks with Woof and Tumbles today after 3 months of not seeing them. We have missed them so much. They had the best game of chase down by the river. They both had a spring in their step. I think they missed us too….or at least they missed some very smelly treats that they love to have on their dog walks.

Big Day Out

What a great day this small gang from Woof and Tumbles had at Moggs Eye Beach. Elsa, Rhu, Lija and Ice had the best time. We even had a picnic of sausages and cheese although it was fish and chips for me. The weather stayed perfect and my walking pack did themselves proud. I don’t know who enjoyed it more them or me? All I know is that night there were 4 relaxed and happy dogs. We really must do this dog day out again.

I think Woof and Tumbles brought a fair amount of sand back in the dog walking van! Lots of cleaning today ready for another week of dog walking.

Happy to be back?


Well I’m not sure if I said something funny the other morning on our group walk here at Woof and Tumbles, but I think these three gorgeous dogs found something funny! Or maybe they are just glad to be back to their group dog walks. Our dog walk took us down to Netherfield Lagoons where these three gorgeous dogs had a great time playing chase and obviously posing for photos!

I’m a happy dog walker because my dogs are happy too.  We love meeting up with Nicki from Woof and Tumbles too with her pack. I’ll make sure we have some group shots to show next time.

How we started

Let me introduce you to our dogs at woof and Tumbles. These are really the reason that myself and Nicki first met and then eventually after a few years of friendship we decided to set up Woof and Tumbles, dog walking, boarding and day care.

It was our dogs that initially fell in love with each other! They were and still are best buddies. Although they do play rough and make a lot of noise…we have to sometimes say to people “it’s ok they are just playing”!

There is lots of sitting on each other, necking, and pushing each other but it is so lovely to see our two dogs playing together. They know how to make us smile. So if they hadn’t have got on maybe our little business would never have taken off. Thank goodness it did as neither of us would want to do anything else.




Back out there!

Well after being in ‘lock down’ for the last 7 weeks we at Woof and Tumbles are delighted to say we are heading back towards business as usual but with a little bit of a twist. Of course we are being cautious about how we collect dogs, using our own leads, getting owners to put their harnesses on, putting the dog in the garden where possible when we arrive. Everything we are doing is to keep you, your dogs and ourselves safe at this strange time.

But boy do we love being back out there walking out furry friends. I think both myself and Nicki had lots of kisses when they first saw us. Hopefully they’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed them.

Finnish Lapphund


Today I thought I would introduce you to Houston who is a Finnish Lapphund. He is a type of Spitz that was originally used for herding reindeer. It is a really popular dog in Finland where it originates from. He is a new breed here to us at Woof and Tumbles. I didn’t have a clue what he was when I first met him! He is a really loving boy and certainly knows how to keep us on our toes. He does a lot of running with his dad.

We have been working really hard on his recall and socialisation skills (he just gets so excited when he sees another dog that nothing else matters!) He loves looking up in trees for squirrels and rummaging in the long grass for little frogs.

We love having him and he really is getting so much better at his recall.